The THINK! Road Safety Round medal will be presented following each A Grade match. The medal is to be awarded to the player from each team whose impact, based on the decisions they make, positively affects the match outcome – not necessarily the player judged to be the best on the ground.
All A Grade players will also wear yellow armbands to promote awareness within our clubs and community.
Driving the message
Sharing road safety messages with the South Australian community has been a focus of the State Government for many years, it is recognised that football plays a pivotal role in connecting communities across regional South Australia.
SANFL Community Football incorporates around 180 regional footy clubs around South Australia that attract approximately 15,000 senior players each year. Sadly, it’s these same players, their mates, and their communities that are often rocked by road trauma.
That’s why THINK! Road Safety being a Major Partner of SANFL Community Football is so important.
Our aim is to build greater community awareness of the importance of being safe on our roads and to further reduce the number of lives lost and serious injuries on regional roads.
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