(LtoR) Henry Challinger (Runner-up B&F), Tyree Burgoyne (Rising Star), Phoenyx Lapsley Forrest (Leading Goal Kicker), Ashton Hartwig (Best & Fairest)

(LtoR) River Doudle (Leading Goal Kicker), Bodhi Fauser (Runner-up B&F), Henry Turnbull (Best & Fairest), Jacob Newton (Rising Star, absent)

(LtoR) Toby Casanova (Runner-up B&F, Leading Goal Kicker), Jamayah Craig (Rising Star), Dannen Blacker (Best & Fairest), Jaiden Jude (Runner-up B&F), Daniel Gobin (Runner-up B&F)

2020 Port Lincoln Football League Mail Medalist – Kory Beard

(LtoR) Greg Rowley and Josh Spurling – 2020 Earl Family Medalists (B&F)

(LtoR) Brodie White (Best Team Man), Jonty Seal (Leading Goal Kicker), Xavier Watson (Best Team Man), Shaun Maxfield (Runner-up Mail Medalist)

Photos courtesy of the Port Lincoln Times

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