2020 PLFL Survey

As we are all aware the Port Lincoln Football League is unable to proceed with the 2020 Season due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Under the current SA and Federal Government restrictions, the PLFL will not able able have football with spectators present. When and if the Port Lincoln season does start, any restrictions limiting spectators will in turn reduce the amount of income of both the Leagues and Clubs.

With the potential of little to no crowds, this will most likely limit the amount of funding available to the Umpires Panel, resulting in either; Reduced or NO payments. Although at this point in time, NO decision has been made by the Board of the Port Lincoln Football League.

We as an Umpires Association thought it would be in our best interest to contact our members and ask them to provide some feedback to us on whether, you would like to Volunteer, receive reduced payments or receive the same amount as previous years.

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