The following has been confirmed in relation to the Second and First Semi Finals (Sep 12 & 13).

  • Under 13 and Under 15 matches will be held at Poole Oval
  • Under 17, Reserves and League matches will be held at Centenary Oval
  • Regular “at the gate” tickets will be available at Poole Oval
  • Online ticket purchasing and digital check-in/out will proceed at Centenary Oval
  • Tickets purchased at the gate at Poole Oval will not be accepted at Centenary Oval
  • Season pass holders will be entitled to entry at no additional cost at Poole Oval
  • Season pass holders must register and order a “free” ticket online for access to Centenary Oval

Match Times:

Gates open at Poole Oval – 7am

Gates open at Centenary Oval – 9:30am

Poole Oval

Under 13 – 8:30am

Under 15 – 9:40am

Centenary Oval

Under 17 – 11:00am

Reserves – 12:45pm

League – 2:40pm

More to come on the upcoming finals and tickets for Centenary Oval.

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